May 11, 2020. This list was accurate at the time of posting but may change as situations in our community develop.  If you have any changes or additions, please contact at Franklin & Kyle Elder Law, LLC.

  • Some stores are requiring that shoppers wear masks.  Costco is one of the major retailers that has posted about this.
  • Many stores are starting to limit the amount of customers in the store at a time.  Some stores are not allowing non-essential items to be purchased in an effort to move people in and out of the stores as quickly as they can.
  • Note that many stores are no longer allowing you to bring in reusable shopping bags.  Others may ask that you bag your own groceries if using reusable bags.

Aldi—1 hour before opening to the public, Tuesdays and Thursdays (store hours vary by location) Seniors, pregnant women, customers with compromised immune systems

Big Lots— First hour of each day for senior citizens and “those most vulnerable to this virus”

Butler and Bailey—No longer doing a senior shopping hour because people were abusing the system, but they recommend that people shop in the early morning hours just after opening when less busy.

Costco— Tuesdays and Thursdays, members 60 and older can shop from 8 to 9 a.m. at all locations except Business Centers. No more than two shoppers entering at a time per membership card.  Shoppers must wear masks.  For grocery shopping with instacart and same day delivery, go here.  There is not a delivery fee, but each item is a little more expensive than if you were shopping in the warehouse.  They also have an option for ship to home on certain non-perishable items.

Dollar General— First hour of each day for seniors

Food City—Daily 7am-8am

Fresh Market—First hour stores open, from 8 to 9 a.m., for “seniors and those most at risk” Mon-Fri

IGA–No set senior shopping hour but recommended that you shop at the first hour of opening (7am) when the store is less busy.

Ingles—7am-8am Tuesday and Wednesday for seniors, first responders and those with compromised immune systems.

Kroger—Exclusive Shopping for Seniors 60 & Older: 7am – 8am, Monday – Thursday

UGO—Open 9am-7pm daily except for Sundays when they are open from 12pm-6pm.  Locally not offering a senior shopping hour but recommended to shop during morning hours when less busy.

Publix—Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7 to 8 a.m. for seniors 65+. Pharmacies also open at 7am during that time for seniors.

Pratt’s Country Store—While not offering a senior shopping hour, they are offering a curbside drop off.  Order on the phone and pay by card then or when you arrive to pick up.

Sam’s—Sam’s Club stores are open two hours early (7 am-9am) every Tuesday and Thursday strictly for members who are seniors or have disabilities or compromised immune systems. Qualifying members have the choice to go shopping inside stores during these special hours, or to place orders from their cars in a designated parking location outside the store and have their goods picked out by a Sam’s Club worker.

Save-a-Lot—8am-9am (first hour of opening) for seniors

Target—First hour open each Tuesday and Wednesday for “vulnerable guests”

The Village Mercantile—Open 10am-5pm, while they said they do not have set senior hours, they recommend shopping before noon when there is less of a crowd.  This store is offering grocery delivery.  Contact them at  (865) 805-3511 to arrange.

Three Rivers MarketStarting on Tuesday, May 12th,  establishing new days/times for our at-risk customers, as follows:

  • Tuesday:  10 AM – 12 PM
  • Thursday: 10 AM – 12 PM
  • Sunday:    10 AM – 12 PM
We will require masks or face shields for everyone on our retail floor during these two hour periods, including employees, customers, and vendors. We have free disposable masks available at the Customer Service Desk for anyone that has forgotten to bring theirs or doesn’t have one.

Trader Joe’s— First hour of daily shopping will be reserved for senior customers. The company didn’t specify the age range of seniors, which is generally considered to be 65 and older, but it varies by company. “Given the measures we’ve put in place to care for our Crew and Customers, effective May 11th, we are extending our store hours until 8PM daily (and 9PM in NYC) to better serve our communities. We will also continue to dedicate the first hour of operation every day to serve our senior customers over the age of 60 and customers with disabilities who may need additional assistance while shopping. To find the hours for your store, please visit our locations page.”

Walgreens—Tuesday weekly senior hour from 8 to 9 a.m., open to caregivers and immediate families, as well.

Walmart— March 24- April 28, Tuesday for customers 60+ are invited to shop one hour prior to store opening.

Whole Foods—Customers 60+ are invited to shop one hour prior to store opening.

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