In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our practice continues to meet the legal and long term care planning needs of our community’s older adults and their families.  We have taken careful steps to reduce risk when meeting with our clients as they are more vulnerable to the virus. Our meetings now take place via a secure, remote meeting platform, Zoom.  We are also able to provide phone conferences with clients. To make an appointment, please contact our office at (865) 588-3700 to book a time convenient for you.

Instructions for using the Zoom Virtual Meeting Platform

  1. When you contact our office for an appointment, our staff will take your contact information, set the appointment, and discuss paperwork to prepare for the appointment.  Our forms can be downloaded on our website here.  We will contact you a few days before your appointment to re-confirm and answer any questions you may have.
  2. We will send you an email with a Zoom meeting link that includes the Meeting ID number and Password.  If you do not already have the Zoom app, you can download it here or by visiting your smartphone app store.
  3. At your appointment time:
    • Open the Zoom app on your smartphone or go to the Zoom website on your computer and go to the Join a Meeting tab.
    • Type the Meeting ID number in the box.
    • You will be prompted to enter the Meeting Password.
    • If you arrive early to the meeting, you will receive a prompt box that says, “Please wait for the host to start this meeting.” Keep the screen open, and you will be added into the meeting when it starts.  We enable the “Waiting Room” security feature, so the host of the meeting (David Leathers, Franklin & Kyle Elder Law) will approve your entry before you go into the meeting.
    • Upon entering the meeting, you will receive a prompt that says, “To hear others, please join audio.”  Click the “Call using Internet Audio” (for smartphone) or “Join with Computer Audio” (for computer).
    • You will see a button at the bottom of the screen (for both smartphones and computers) that says, “Start Video.” Click that button so that we can see you in the meeting.
    • When the meeting is over, click the “Leave Meeting” button or simply close the app or computer screen
  1. If you cannot use a video device, you can access the remote meeting by phoning into the meeting using the “One Tap Mobile” phone number in your Zoom Invitation Email.  While you cannot see those speaking, you can still engage in the meeting as if it were a conference call.

Tips and Pointers for your Zoom Meeting–

  • It helps to mute yourself when not speaking.  This reduces sound interference and allows you to better hear the speaker.
  • There are different ways you can view the participants.  In the top right of the computer version, the “Speaker View” allows you to see the person speaking and any screens shared.  If you click “Speaker View” it will change to “Gallery View.”  On your smartphone, you can swipe your finger to the left on your screen to view more participants in the meeting.  You will likely see no more than 4 participants per screen swipe.
  • There is a “Chat” feature located at the bottom of your computer screen. On your smartphone, you can find it under the “More” tab at the bottom right of your screen. This enables you to type information to share with participants in the meeting.

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