Next Avenue posted this article entitled “Caregiving and COVID-19: A Toxic Cocktail for Women” noting the strain that the pandemic has increased the demands of unpaid caregivers, especially female caregivers.  While many caregivers point to how rewarding it is to care for those they love, they also point to the emotional, physical, social, and financial toll that caregiving takes.

The Carer Well-Being Index published by Embracing Carers showed U.S. caregivers are spending an average of nearly eight hours more each week on caregiving duties since the pandemic started. Nearly a third believe they’ll spend more than 41 hours caregiving weekly in the new year with the continued challenges of COVID-19.

The article ends with a reinforcement of the importance of self-care for caregivers.  If you need help with caregiver resources and tools for self-care, do not hesitate to contact your elder care coordinator at (865) 588-3700. We are here to help.